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Healthy Breakfast fruit, yogurt, quinoa, avocado

If you are a corporate client, wellness practitioner, community organization, nutrition professional, or brand that is looking to partner please reach out and get ready to make magic! I am passionate about working with like-minded brands, companies, and practitioners that are focused on evidence-based, inclusive, and culturally competent wellness.


I can create custom programs to suit your needs, build digital content, host workshops or seminars and much more. My primary goal is to provide both access and education to individuals in need so let's work together to make that happen. 

A little bit about what I do...

Strawberry Milkshake
  • Workplace wellness workshops

  • Group nutrition classes

  • Community wellness workshops

  • Live cooking demonstrations

  • Meal planning & prep workshop

  • Patient education handouts

  • Blogging & writing

  • Webinars & presentations 

  • Recipe development

  • Meal plans 

  • Social media content creation

  • Nutrition seminar host

  • Nutrition seminar speaker

  • Brand ambassador

  • Editorial/podcast features

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